Installing a new Scenery in Flight Simulator 98 (Malta)

This is only For Beginners It's all very obvious for most User but I get many requests for help
 on this subject from Users installing scenery for the first time

Download this Tutorial for offline use

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Follow the Instructions and create the necessary Folders

Follow the Instructions and install the Texture files begining with "seed" in the texture folder already present in FS

In FS select World-Scenery Library.

Click OK

Click Files

Click Add

1 Full Path of scenery bgl for example;
Note: If you get this wrong the options will be greyed out.
The * will include all bgl files in this folder
2 Scenery Name for example Malta.
3 Select Local
4 Make Scenery Active.
5 Make it Layer 001.
6 Click OK

You should now see the scenery displayed here Topmost.
Click OK and OK on the next screens until you're back in FS
Then select World Go to Airports and you should be able to see the newly installed Scenery