CG Malta Terrain Download

The Malta Shore-Line in FS2k4 is a bit better than the previous versions but still lacks a lot of detail.

This is my effort to change this as can be seen from the pictures below it looks much better than the Figolla Default.



 Scenery of Malta (my birth place). and Gozo   Version 1.2 Download now!!!  Download

It includes Gozo as well, Gozo is the sister island of Malta and there you can find the Heliport. This was my first attempt at Scenery design for FS and I have had encouraging comments from many users.

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Other Bits I made :
For users of FLIGHT ONE SOFTWARE'S GREATEST AIRLINERS an Air Malta Texture I made For the Boeing 737-400 Download

Macros to use in Airport Scenery Designer
1. A Gantry Crane (for container handling) Crane
2. 3 different Container stack configurations, Large, Small, and Both. Container Stacks
Download The Macro
3 Air Malta planes forFlight Simulator     Download

Some Info :

After installing FS98 it is imperative that you apply the Microsoft Patch and install the Converter.
Get them from Microsoft for free. You will find otherinteresting reading there too.

If you are completely new at Installing Scenery check my How to Install Scenery page

If you are completely new at Installing planes using the MS Converter check my How to Use MS Converter page

The Scenery utilities mentioned below are a great help and really show the very high standards of some programs
Microsoft Flight Simulator is very well supported on the NET and many provide very useful help.

  • Many thanks go to :

  • Manfred Moldenhauer: Scasm & Sclink

  • Peter Jacobsen: SCBuild

  • Pascal Meziat: Airport 2.02

  • Rapheal Sanchez: Visual Object Designer and Dynamic Object Designer for there great programs,

  • And many others on the Flight-Sim list who helped me with this scenery.

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